North East Region

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In October 2007, SHEFEXIL was declared as the nodal EPC for the North Eastern region of India, to facilitate all exports from the states of Assam. Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram and Sikkim.

North-East Region is a paradise waiting to be touched by prosperity. With 98% of its borders forming India's international boundaries with China, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan, it has strong potential to become an International Marketing Base.

With phenomenal bio-diversity and forest wealth including herbs, aromatic plants, etc., North-East India is also poised to convert into a strategic base for foreign 8 domestic investors to tap the vast contiguous markets of S.E. Asia 8 East Asia - China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia 8 other far East-Asian countries.

North East is richly endowed with forest products, and SHEFEXIL and North-East have a symbiotic relationship to offer excellent potential for Exports of Minor Forest Produce, including :

• ASSAM - Agar Agar • MEGHALAYA - Hill Broom, Medicinal Herbs, Asafoetida • ARUNACHAL PRADESH - Largest state in N.E. with 82 % forest cover. Medicinal plants, herbs, bamboo, cane and oleoresins • MIZORAM - Bamboo. Around 57% under Bamboo • MANIPUR - One of the 18 bio-diversity hot spots of the world. Bamboo, Cane, Reed Brooms & Medicinal herbs • TRIPURA - 70% covered by Forest. Bamboo, Rattan & Cane • NAGALAND - Medicinal Plants & herbs.


SHEFEXIL is a direct contributor to economically challenged sections of Society - Tribal women, marginal cultivators, economically challenged population from the North East, arid areas, etc.

SHEFEXIL is active with a multifaceted role to:

  • Grant RCMC to Multi-product Exporters having Head office / Registered office in the North-East Region
  • Oversee Exports from the North-East Region
  • Organize Export Promotion Activities to boost Exports from the North-East Region
  • Undertake Developmental Activities to enhance Exports from the North-East Region
  • Highlight all constraints and barriers to enhance Exports from North-East Region to all policy making bodies
  • Contribute towards policy making at the National level on all matters relating to unlocking the potential of the North-East Region
  • Developed a Blue Print for the NER
  • SHEFEXIL, together with 35 NE firms, participated in NE Investment Trade 8 Opportunities Week organized by the Ministry of DONER and Ministry of Commerce fromlst-4th Oct,2007
  • Enrolled 50 firms of the NER as Members
  • Along with its NE members, SHEFEXIL participated in the 'Asom International Trade Fair' from 5th -17th Feb, 2008
  • Coordinated the visit of a 6-Member Parliamentary Delegation, along with some senior officials of the Govt. of India recently to the four NE States of Sikkim, Manipur, Assam and Tripura to examine the feasibility of creating "Towns of Export Excellence" in each of these four NE States, and also study the Export Infrastructure at Airports, Ports, ICD and LCs in these States
  • Production of Documentary Film on North-East for export publicity and promotion
  • Development of website for North-East Region

SHEFEXIL is committed towards inclusive growth in North-East


The North East region has great natural heritage, multifarious human talent and immense potential of growth and development. To present this beautiful region in the international arena and to create a climate for informed preference for the Products and Services emanating from this region, SHEFEXILis working towards building and promoting a brand NER.

This finds resonance in the NER Vision 2020 - "A NE brand in the pattern of Incredible India to be developed, positioning its uniqueness and projecting how it is different from other competing destinations. The entire region to be marketed as one destination."

For appropriately positioning the North East Region, SHEFEXIL is committed to:

  • Provide thought leadership and innovative policies to establish leadership status in this region
  • Focus on neighbour countries in Phase I Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Bhutan Phase II focus - South East Asia
  • Finalize Focus products - Medicinal plants, Bamboo, Horticulture, etc
  • Conduct BSM's, Trade Exhibitions Position NER as the Trade hub of SE Asia Move towards removing all hurdles for smooth exchange of Trade
  • Position NER as the Trade hub of SE Asia Move towards removing all hurdles for smooth exchange of Trade